The Anthropocene Reviewed Map

A fan project

The Anthropocene Reviewed is a book by John Green that rates different facets of the human-centered planet on a five-star scale. Send in a photo of your copy of the book, write a review of your location, and see it on the map!
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Can I send in any photo of the book?

Yes =)

Do I have to tell you my city and my name?

The name is optional, the location is pretty much needed for the map. That said, feel free to lie or to give us a city in roughly the same region. Please be safe.

The map isn't working!

Oh no! You should probably contact us at

There has been a mistake with my submission/I need my photo deleted

Contact us at

Is there a deadline?

Not really, no.

I really, really like the book and I need to talk about it!

There's a Discord server. Come join us! We'd love to hear from you.

Wait, are you the guys who made the paper Carls map?

What, you mean Why, yes!

How many stars d--

We give The Anthropocene Reviewed 5 stars.